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Terms of use

However uses the Leveldating website is supposed to know and respect its terms of use. Each visitor of the Leveldating website declares solely by his visit that he acknowledges the terms of use and will respect them. Please bare in mind that the terms of use can be subject to change at any time and are therefore to be consulted on a regular base.

1. Definitions

Leveldating is a dating service through the internet intended to simplify meetings between natural persons of a personal and non-business nature. Those who use Leveldating, while using the paid or the non-paid sections, are regarded as members of Leveldating and therefore supposed to respect the terms of use at any given time. Any registration without acceptance of the terms of use is therefore impossible.

2. Access and registration

In order to registrar as a member of Leveldating you should have reached the minimum age of 18 years and you are required to fill out the registration form as completely and truthfully as possible.

The member is himself responsible for the means (hardware, software,…) to access the Leveldating services. The membership is never to be transmitted to other persons.

Every member receives a personal access code and password. These are by no means transmittable to other persons and Leveldating can never be held responsible for the loss or misuse of these data. Should the identity of a member be used by other persons, Leveldating can never be held responsible. In addition, the member should inform Leveldating immediately should he encounter any form of misuse.

It is not allowed to post messages onto the website in the name of other members. Every member is supposed to obey the law and not to demonstrate any illegal behaviour. The use of the Leveldating services in order to add publicity onto the website is not permitted and will be cautioned.

Should a member ignore the terms of use in any way and therefore not abide by the rules of Leveldating, or should he damage or insult an other member of the organisation of Leveldating in any way, Leveldating maintains the right to remove this member from its database immediately and without any previous indication and therefore refuse access to the services of Leveldating immediately. If necessary, Leveldating will take the necessary legal steps in order to compensate damage or avoid further misuse of its services.

Leveldating maintains the right to refuse members to its services for any given reason. Should this be the case, the member will be informed as soon as possible. No further correspondence will be tolerated regarding this decision.

The membership can be resigned at any given moment through the Leveldating website or by mail. Leveldating obliges itself to remove your data from its database as soon as possible when your resignation is received.

3. Use

Every registered member of Leveldating can use the free or paid services offered by Leveldating. You will find more information on the paid services in our fourth section: “Prices and mode of payment”.

Leveldating can by no means be held responsible for the content added by its members on the website and adherent for a nor for the correctness of it. Leveldating can therefore never be held liable or be forced to pay for damages suffered by the information offered by others then Leveldating itself.

However, Leveldating does maintain the right to remove a member from its database immediately should any for of misuse such as illegal practice, offence of the ruling values, indecency offence, slander, breaching the rights of other members,… be determined. This list is by no means exhaustive.

It is not permitted to mention personal data of members on the Leveldating website. The privacy of our users should be respected at all times. For this reason it is equally not permitted to spread ones own data through our website.

Leveldating maintains the right to make changes to the text added on its website without having to contact the author first, should Leveldating regard this as necessary. Leveldating can by no means be held liable for the changing of the content of texts that where published through its services.

4. Prices and mode of payment

All prices on Leveldating are in Euro and all taxes are included in the price. No extra expenses can therefore be charged without the explicit consent of the user.

Leveldating maintains the right to change its prices at any given time. Should you use a periodic mode of payment, Leveldating is held to inform you of any changes at least three months in advance by righting. In this case, you have the right to cancel the agreement within seven days of the announcing of the price changes by registered mail.

All invoices need to be paid following the conditions of payment mentioned on the invoice. Should you ignore these conditions, Leveldating maintains the right to add legal interests to the indebted amount without any proof of default. Should you thereafter still ignore to pay, all expenses, judicial as well as extrajudicial, made by Leveldating to obtain the payment will be added to the due amount.

Membership payments are by no means refundable. Should you want to end your membership, just delete your profile.

5. Intellectual property

MDG promotions bvba
Beersebaan - 2310 Rijkevorsel
Fax: +32(0)3 685 39 30
BTW: BE 0456 494 965

Texts, information and other items that can be found on Leveldating can by no means be copied or taken without the explicit approval of the author and of Leveldating itself under penalty of judicial action.

It is furthermore prohibited to change, copy, duplicate, spread, transmit, commercially use or distribute the offered services, WebPages and software code of Leveldating or elements of it.

Leveldating maintains the right the duplicate, use or distribute the content of its services for its own use.

6. Guarantee and liability

Leveldating cannot guarantee that its services will be accessible and visible faultless and uninterrupted at any given time. Leveldating is continuously trying to reduce any inconveniences or interruptions to a strict minimum and to fix any technical faults or failures as soon as possible.

Should Leveldating not be able to meet its obligations to its members for an uninterrupted period of 30 days, Leveldating, and every member, has the right to end its membership by writing.

Leveldating cannot guarantee that its services will result in the desired outcome of its members, i.e. result in meetings, a relationship et cetera.

Nor can Leveldating be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to its members that are not the direct result of a grave fault or intended by Leveldating itself. Should the grave fault or intentions of Leveldating be proven, and should Leveldating be held liable, the member agrees to indemnify and hold Leveldating harmless from any claim or demand, including, but not restricted to, reasonable attorneys' fees and judicial costs.

Leveldating cannot be held liable for any deficiency due to factors that Leveldating cannot account for such as (but not restricted to) international conflicts, violent or armed actions, governmental measures, industrial irregularities amongst the Leveldating staff or the staff of any third party offering its services to Leveldating, boycott actions, delays or other insufficiencies caused by third parties on which Leveldating relies in any way, interruptions of the electricity network, internet interruptions, telephone interruptions of the affiliated communication companies, or other interruptions that our not in our power, interruptions in our communication network, software or hardware or in the communication network, software or hardware of third parties offering its services to Leveldating.

Leveldating cannot be held liable for the information offered by third parties or members on its website, nor for the correctness or incorrectness of it, and the possible inconveniences this may cause.

Should you have any further questions regarding the terms of use of Leveldating you can contact us at MDG Promotions bvba, Beersebaan - 2310 Rijkevorsel.

Judicial terms

Should Leveldating be overtaken, merge or change its legal form in any way, all the rights and obligations of its members will remain valid under this new legal form. MDG Promotions bvba keeps the right of selling this website, its domainnames and the attached database.

On the relation between Leveldating and its members, the Belgian law is applicable. Leveldating abides by this law at any time and expects the same from its members. To prevent abuse and in case of dispute with Leveldating, and all sites under it, Leveldating reserves the right to register your IP and time on the date of activation of your profile and login. Should any term of these terms of use not be liable, this does not cause any harm to the validity of the terms of use as a whole. This can however lead to changes in the terms of use, always trying to maintain the original intentions of the terms of use. Should there be any doubt, the Dutch version of these terms of use shall be seen as the only fully correct version.

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